Targeted Core Services

We have formally partnered since 2001 to help organizations speed actions that reduce financial & environmental costs. Our services center on making sustainable practices visible, and spreading effective ones widely. Our core areas of work today are:

Collaborative Deployment

Confirm strategy and design of a shared action program to drive real improvement. Effective and efficient at low per unit cost. Integrate with your marketing and existing resources.

Energy Stewards® Web Platform

Proven an effective tool to speed deployment of energy efficiency practices among many organizations or buildings. Visit to learn more.

Project Management

Implement projects throughout specific contract periods. Can include data updates, workshops, materials, coordination of contractors, etc.

How We Work

Confirm Focus

What are we trying to accomplish?

How will we know that a change is an improvement?

What changes can we make that may result in improvement?

Langley et al. (1996), The Improvement Guide, Jossey-Bass: San Francisco


Warren Gaskill

Founder of Rapid Improvement Associates, LLC in 2001.

Gaskill earned an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BS in Communciations from the University of Illinois. Gaskill had over 20 years experience as a writer and editor for daily newspapers in Tennessee, Connecticut and Wisconsin before moving into consulting in strategic planning in the 1990s.

Gaskill has worked with a wide range of clients nationally in planning, and has more recently focused his attention on speeding environmental improvement.

Kevin Little

Founder of Rapid Improvement Associates, LLC in 2001 and of Informing Ecological Design, LLC, in 1997.

Speeding, Spreading Improvement

We've worked with a wide range of clients in the past 20 years, from Fortune 50 to tiny non-profits. Today, our work is mostly with faith groups, utilities, energy service providers, school districts, hospital systems, engineering firms and non-profits that work in partnership with their participants.
Some of Our Project Partners

Some of Our Project Partners

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